1. Time To Go

From the recording Chapter Seven (download only)


Time to Go
(Damien Leith/ Jon Vella)

Out of breath
I guess it's over now
Just cause you try your best
Doesn't mean it has to work out
You know it makes me mad
To see the story end
I'll take the good with the bad
Pretend to understand

I'm stuck wondering why
Cos your the best I'll ever have
And we could try
To give this one more chance
But I won't escape, no it's too late
Truth is out of our control
Stuck wondering why
The heart lets you know
When it's time to go
It's time to go

Nothing left to say
Baby please don't cry
Pains the price we pay
To live this life
A last goodbye
Until I see you again
They say a time will come
When this will all make sense