One More Time (Novel)



Singer, songwriter, TV star … Now the winner of Australian Idol is a novelist, too One more step … One more secret … One more time Sean is in Nepal on a trek through some of the most beautiful – and dangerous – country in the world. His path takes him to the spectacular Annapurna Mountains, and deep into territory filled with Maoist guerrillas challenging the Nepalese government. Yet the local people are friendly, the air is clear, and it’s easy to become accustomed to the national dish of dal bhat. With each step, however, Sean’s thoughts turn towards home and his family in Dublin, and it becomes clear that the obstacles he faces are greater than guerrillas demanding ‘donations’ or the reckless behaviour of fellow travellers. Why did he leave Ireland so hurriedly? What makes people regard him so strangely? And what about the beautiful Serena, last seen on an idyllic beach in India, who has inspired him to take this journey? As Sean travels through Nepal, events run out of his control. If he is to survive he must find the courage to let his secret go.


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